Air Reinvented

As part of the Nike Air Max Air Reinvented campaign, we created an artists driven campaign to promote the Home Turf pack. The three city packs, London, Milan and Paris each featured 4 Air Max inspired by their relative cities. This gave us the perfect reason to go back and revisit an artist in each city to ask them to see how they are influenced by their city.

London featured electro duo Alunageorge, who reinvented a track called ‘My Town’. We followed them around their neighbourhoods and their process of writing and recording in the studio. In Paris, illustrator Yué Wu created 5 illustrated balloons which were taken to 7 different parts of the city and finaly released over the river Seine. And in Milan, artist 2501 created a sculpture of each Air Max from elements taken from the street, which were eventually returned in their new form to where they were taken.

We followed each artists to create a photo series and short film of each journey exclusively for Vice. 

Photography:  Tyrone Lebon

Motion: Paolo Freschi
Styling:  Sharmadine Reid