Hidden Characters

In an era when customers have wised up to inauthentic brand engagement, Bang PR saw the need to evolve its offering. More than simply a PR ‘party’ firm, Bang’s clients were seeking strategic advice to navigate a complex market. Re came on board to evolve the agency’s identity to embody its approach to PR: one which seeks recognition for its clients, not itself.

‘Hidden Characters’ is a reference to the unseen typographic symbols in programs such as InDesign and Microsoft Word. These symbols shape how text appears in the same way that Hidden Characters works behind the scenes to carefully shape public perceptions of its clients’ brands.

Brand applications play on the relationship between the seen and unseen using techniques such as French folded paper with text concealed inside, and clear gloss printing that renders text invisible in certain light. In this way the brand encapsulates Hidden Characters’ strategic engagement with media and influencers to address its clients complex communication challenges.