Martine Rose X Nike Lab

Born and raised in South London, Martine Rose grounds her menswear collections in the styles of her city. The uniforms of the delivery men. The streetwear of the rave kids.  

For Martine’s first-ever Nike collaboration, the question was, how do we scale the grass-roots approach of her shows?

Craigslist - the internet’s 24/7 yard sale.

Martine’s community, Steve, Tesfa, A$AP Eva and Suraya became our stockists. They seeded links in the comments sections of articles on Hypebeast and Reddit. Starting your journey in a thread, then moving on to Craigslist, you could never be sure if any of it was for real. You’d have to just click respond, write an email, and wait…

It was these ‘stockists’ who would respond to your email. You could haggle about the price, and decide on a  meeting place. Maybe in a pie and mash shop. Maybe at a tube station. Maybe there would be ferrets. In any case, you’d meet Steve, Tesfa, Eva or Suraya themselves, pay with Venmo, and they’d hand over the product.

Photography: Hanna Moon
Director: Rosie Mark
Team: Ben Jarvis, Sam Jackson, Maria Vu, Jon Hum, Riley Hoke

via Highsnobiety

Press: Vogue / Dazed / i-D / Hypebeast