House of Innovation – Selfridges

The London 2012 Olympics was the perfect timing for the Nike+ House of Innovation to be revealed to the city. The Selfridges Ultralounge hosted the space, and we took over 8 windows to promote it to the public passing by.

Each window featured a different innovation and product in a unique interactive way. Flyknt featured spinning neon twines coming from the back of each shoe. The Reflective Medal Stand jacket was shown in front of a wall of camera flashes, which animated in patterns as people walked past. The Nike+ Fuel Band window used coloured balls to move up and down as people passed each row to mimic the function of the product, and the NSW scoredboard flipped open to reveal the product merchandised inside.

We teamed up with ...,staat design agency to develop and execute each window which were live for 6 weeks over the Olympic summer in London. The project was recently awarded a Gold Lion at Cannes for Environmental design and a Gold bulb at the ADCN awards in The Netherlands.

Creative & Development: ...,staat
Prodution: The Set Company, Juur Lights
Digital: Random Studio