Cities can be tough, demanding, intimidating - but also exhilarating, diverse and inspiring. We love them VanMoof believes that to truly experience a city, you need to immerse yourself, rain hail or shine. And the best way to do it is by bike, but not just any bike. Only with a VanMoof do you really know your city. Only with VanMoof can you truly become part of the city. To be a part of the city, you need to be all-in.

To continue the launch of the VanMoof S5 & A5 electric bikes, we put them into action around the world with real riders in real cities. This wasn’t about the tech, this was about the experience. And not just of the bike, but the city which unfolds as you ride through it.

Shot in three cities, Paris, Los Angeles and Amsterdam to capture the feeling of riding through each city, immersed and unlocked.

Art Director: James Holdsworh
Director: Emma Parkinson
Writer: Ruth Cornish
Design: Roos Lomans
Edit: Stephanie Sibbald
Producer: Anwen Shepard
EP: Joeri Breebaart

Los Angeles
Photographer: Jerry Buttles
DOP: Charlie Sarroff

Photographer: Virginie Khateeb
DOP: Léo Schrepel 

Photographer: Nick van Tiem